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Wood Treatment.
Wood Treatment.
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We are currently the leading supplier of Creo, CCA and White Spirits Wood treatment plants throughout Africa. To sustain this we place our existing and new customers and their production at a very high priority. This has led to improvements on the existing systems and also the installation of better electronic monitoring equipment.


Quick Lock Door

Some of the improvement is the new quick lock door which reduces the turn around time for offloading and loading by an hour per charge, for example:


Old door design                                                                                   New Door design











Electronic monitoring

Gone are the days of the paper recorders and in is the new digital recorder. These recorders can give you up to date data anywhere in the world or on site. This can give you better, more accurate product usage for better stock control and quality management.


Paper recorder                                                                                 Paperless recorder













Specialised plants

Taking spillage and environmental problems into consideration we build specialised contained plants under licence. The plants are mobile and can be placed close to the product to reduce transport costs.




















Load Cells

With the use of Load cells we have removed the use of an additional measuring tank, you only use one common tank as working/measuring tank. With this system there is greater accuracy and saving of holding a lot of product.


Bolton process

We have introduced the Bolton Process into the South African market for Creo plants. This process allows you to dry and treat wet wood in the same day using vacuum and heat.











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